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    Bracket Berms

      Bracket Berms | L – Bracket Spill Berms 


      Aluminum L-Shaped Bracket Berms Manufacturers in India


      Agastya’s bracket berms boast a versatile design. It can be deployed in various ways depending on your requirements. The side walls are supported with L-shaped aluminum brackets that provide them with sturdiness for long-term usage. The wall height and floor area of the berm are customizable to suit your needs.

      This berm is designed to be driven over and can be used in places with automotive traffic. Drums, tanks, or other liquid holding equipment can be placed on this berm for long periods of time.



      • Aluminum brackets provide strength
      • Quick assembly
      • Walls are sturdy in rough weather too
      • Easy transportation
      • Can be driven through


      • While repairing vehicles
      • Under containers/tanks
      • For containing leaks from machinery
      • During painting operations