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    Collapsible Frame Tank

      Collapsible Frame Tanks | Folding Frame Fire Fighting Water Tanks


      Collapsible Folding Fire Fighting Frame Tanks Manufacturers in India


      Collapsible Frame Tank (also called a Folding Frame Tank / Fire Fighting frame tank) is a type of Collapsible Flexi tank mainly used for bulk water storage in fire fighting, spill recovery, or disaster relief sites. This tank is a favorite use of firefighters and first responders who are looking to keep a large supply in remote areas or at those sites where space is very limited.

      Frame tanks are very common use for Aquaponics. Manufactured with a quick erect foldable open-top robust construction these tanks are very easy to set up and tear down. Premium quality of highly strong, elastic, heat & UV resistant, heavy-duty food-grade reinforced PVC fabric along with a wide range of special government-approved material coated liners ensure any weather situation usage of Collapsible Modular Tanks along with less transportation and labor cost.

      Moreover, to its modular design, a set of frames can be used in different sizes anywhere even virtually or on the landscape. This trait of this tank makes it versatile, ideal, and very economical usage for Drinking water/Fuels/Hydrocarbons/Waste products storage tanks for sites and people under natural calamities like tsunamis, earthquakes, etc.

      Fabric specification: PVC, PES/PES, dtex high tenacity polyamide for oil and large water storage

      Available accessories specification: Swivel pole connector, Galvanized foot, Pole and cap, outlet plug, horizontal cross poles, leg poles, Allen key, repair key, ground sheet, packing case, nipple, etc.


      • Rapid response
      • Supports Large and Small Capacities
      • Modular design.
      • Easy set up, maintenance, tear down and packing
      • All capacity variants are available(3,000 to 40,000 litres)
      • Suitable for all weather condition(ranging between -30C and +70C recommended)
      • Can be erected in 15 minutes by 2 people on any firm, level ground
      • Replaceable inner liner available
      • Deployment anywhere with minimal preparation(area of a level ground recommended)
      • Customized design available as per your requirement
      • Ground mat and top cover available to prevent evaporation and contamination (not mandatory)
      • Reduce transportation cost almost 5x times
      • Applicable form Potable water to hydrocarbons


      • Fuel Storage
      • Fire fighting
      • Industrial waste
      • Fertilizer
      • Technical water
      • Drinking water
      • Gray Water Storage
      • Water treatment plat
      • Disaster Relief
      • Hydraulic Fracturing “Fracking”
      • HAZMAT Operations
      • Forestry Service
      • Chemical Storage
      • Spill Response
      • Military Operations etc

      Technical specification

      32 mm hexagonaldiawith galvanized steel framework dimension 1.75m x 1.15m x 1.00m.

      Tank outlet: 

      Tank Reference  Capacity (litres)  Number of Sides  Ground Ø Required (m) 
      Q4  3,000  4  2.5 
      Q5  5,200  5  3.0 
      Q6  8,000  6  3.5 
      Q7  11,100  7  4.1 
      Q8  14,700  8  4.6 
      Q9  18,900  9  5.2 
      Q10  23,200  10  5.7 
      Q11  28,600  11  6.3 
      Q12  34,200  12  6.8 
      Q12XL  40,000  12  6.8 


      Material specification: 


      Material Properties  Unit  Test Method  Typical Values 
      Width  Cm    265 
      Colour      Beige 1695 
      Yarn      100% PES 110 d/tex 

      12 x 12 threads/cm 

      Total weight  g/m2  DIN EN ISO 2286-2  1100 
      Tensile strength  N/5cm  EN ISO 1421-1  Warp 4000 

      Weft 3500 

      Tear strength  N  DIN 53 363  Warp 600 

      Weft 500 

      Coating adhesion  N/5cm  EN ISO 2411  12 
      Temperature resistance  °C  DIN EN 1876-2  -30 to +70 
      Lightfastness      8 
      Special properties      Suitable for contact with potable water and food