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    Spill Berm

      Spill Berm | Spill Containment Berm 


      Leading Manufacturers of Spill Berms in Customizable Sizes in India


      Spill Berm is the smartest way to control the obvious and unavoidable spillage. Agastya’s spill berms are the most economical solution for workspaces wherever the equipment is subjected to leaks. It is very easy to customize the material, shape, and size of these berms.

      When not in use, they can be folded and stored, thereby occupying very little storage space. The material of the berms is resistant to various kinds of oils and chemicals. They also have the drive-through ability, so they can be easily used while working with automobiles.

      Section or types of Spill Berm:

      • Spill Pad
      • Bracket berms
      • Foam wall Spill Berm


      • Foldable, easy to store
      • Economical
      • Customizable sizes
      • Resistant to chemicals


      • Contain leaks from machinery, automobiles
      • For cleaning equipment
      • Used under paints, gasoline containers
      • While transporting containers