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    Turbidity Curtain

      Floating Turbidity Curtains | Silt Curtains | Turbidity Barrier


      Floating Turbidity / Silt Curtains Manufacturer & Suppliers in India


      Turbidity Curtain which is also called silt curtains is widely used in marine construction, dredging, and remediation projects for easy containment of silt and sediment in a water body. Silt Barriers are lightweight, durable, and can be easily set up around construction sites to protect the marine ecosystem. Silt Screens can be customized to work effectively well in calm waters as well as strong currents.  

      Turbidity curtains are manufactured from top-grade self-buoyant, polypropylene, and non-woven geotextile. These booms are also equipped with a 100mm float in the top pockets along with galvanized steel ballast weights to keep booms upright and prevent them from being run under by strong currents.

      Each section of the booms is connected to each other by ASTM Universal Slides. These individual sections of the curtain can be firmly joined end-to-end through built-in eyelets and can be tightly sealed with the help of industrial Velcro. They are available in ready-to-install packaging. 

      Agastya Invention specializes in manufacturing turbidity curtains configured as per the information (environmental and hydraulic conditions) provided by our clients. Primary factors that play a vital role in determining the best-suited configuration are – water flow, wind loading, current loading, and impoundment loading. All these factors help to establish the required longitudinal strength and anchoring arrangements that will provide optimum utilization of the turbidity curtain. 

      • Material specification: High-tensile PVC fabric, Durable polyethylene floats, Polyethylene foam, GEOGRID net, Galvanized steel ballast 


      • Easy & hassle-free installation
      • Oil resistant and crumble free floatation
      • Applicable for 20 meter depth
      • Durable & repairable
      • Optimum buoyancy
      • Constructed from tensile, flexible fabric
      • Vital role in water-flow, wind loading, current loading and impoundment loading projects
      • ECO friendly hence cost effective
      • Able to withstand in all-weather -40ºC to +90ºC
      • Very low maintenance
      • Non-woven geotextile in 90 micron as per size and flow


      • Bridge construction or repairing works
      • Rock wall construction or repairing works
      • Jetty construction or repairing works
      • Civil works construction or repairing works where waterways are present
      • Remediation projects for easy containment
      • Coastal or marine dredging
      • Excavation
      • Sediment pond management
      • Tailings dams dredging

      Technical Specifications

      Model  AB-01
      “Economy Barriers” 
      “Light Aquatic Barrier” 
      “HD Aquatic Barrier” 


      Designed for lighter loads of debris in calm environments, such as floating leaves and plastic bottles.  Capable of handling light buildups of floating invasive plants such as water hyacinth, algae, plastic trash in relatively calm environments.  Designed for larger amounts of hyacinth, algae, plastic trash in a moderate to high water current environment. 
      Sectional length  100mm  150mm  200mm 
      Overall Height  10 inches  13 inches  19 inches 
      Freeboard  150 mm  200mm  300 mm 
      Bottom Ballast  6-8 mm HG Chain  8-12 mm HG Chain  12-16 mm HG Chain 
      Tensile Strength  5,000lbs  14,000lbs  20,000lbs 
      Fabric Type  Non-woven 


      Base Fabric/Color  Yellow  Orange  Orange