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    How not to lose at pinupcasino


    Playing at pin up casino carries a lot of risk, especially for people who are just trying it out for the first time. It is worth remembering that playing casino games is not a way to make money permanently, it is more of a way to have fun or to earn extra money temporarily. Pin-up casino sites may be addictive for certain types of people. However, there are moments that help you beat the one-armed bandit.

    Method 1. "Feeding" at pinupcasino

    The simplest scheme is a method called feeding. It is suitable for playing slot machines online at pin-up casino website as well as offline. It is the process of the game is that the player in the process of trying to keep your money balance at a certain level, not letting it fall below a critical mark. The critical point is half of the amount of money deposited. If the balance falls below the critical level then the player makes a deposit. The deposit should be approximately equal to the first one in pin up online casino.

    How many times you need to repeat the method in pinup online casino

    Do it several times to let the program, which gives prize combinations, understand that it has already received money from the player in pinup online casino. When the program works on this principle, the payoff is the slot machine and as a consequence of throwing a significant expensive combination. After striking an expensive combination should leave the game, or better to finish the game in pin up casino online at all.

    You have to determine the size of the bet in the pinup online casino


    The main thing with this method is to determine in advance the amount the player can lose temporarily in pin up online casino. It is necessary to have a sufficient margin of 4-5 replenishments. Typically, five replenishments are quite enough. Need to determine in advance with the game bet in pin up casino online that she did not empty the balance quickly.

    Method 2. Play a profitable slot machine in pinup casino

    During the game the player should look closely at how the machine in pin up online casino gives intermediate small winnings. If they first seem very small or they will fall out very rarely, you should change the game in the machine itself, and maybe the machine at pin up casino.

    Method 3. Changing the amount bet in pinup casino

    When playing should change the amount bet in pin up online casino, but not significantly. The program works so that at the highest bet percentage of the big win is greatly reduced. Another important point when playing in pin up casino is that if someone loses a large amount in the machine, it is better to play it, thus it is possible to reduce the number of deposits, and thus reduce the number of feeds. The likelihood of winning after withdrawing money from the machines administration pin up casino, also increases the chances of success.