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    Lake Trash Boom

      Floating Trash Booms for Lake Cleaning & Maintenance


      Best Quality Lake Trash Debris Booms Manufacturer & Suppliers in India


      Lake Trash Boom which is also called Debris Booms is an extremely versatile floating marine barrier. These are designed exclusively to block floating trash and debris on the water bodies. Having high buoyancy these trash booms are easy to use as a floating barrier to control water elements and floating debris such as floating timber, logs, rubbish, garbage, hyacinth, duckweed, and sargassum. 

      Moreover, these are easy to deploy and help in further processing of the excavation of trash. Trash, plastic packaging, and improperly disposed waste find their way into inland lakes, canals, rivers, streams, and finally into the oceans. Floating trash and debris from inland waterways account for an estimated 80% of the world’s total marine pollution. Accumulation of waste debris in inland waterways and global water bodies poses a major threat to the marine ecosystem as well as the planet. 

      Inland water bodies such as lakes, ponds, canals, rivers & streams are often clogged by the growth and spread of aquatic plants like water hyacinth, algae, etc. This renders these water bodies to be unsuitable for use. 

      In line with UNSDG # 14 – Life Under Water, Agastya Invention has designed its line of trash booms to effectively mitigate water surface pollution. These booms are ideal for isolating debris & invasive plant growth to control water pollution at potentially risk-prone sites like  

      • Industrial sites 
      • Pumping stations 
      • Dams 
      • River confluences 
      • Nature reserves 
      • Harbors and coastal areas 

      Trash booms and barriers are able to control plastic and other garbage floating in rivers and tributaries that can control floods in rainfall. 


      • Material specification: HDPE outer shell, Molded plastic, Optional foam-filled, Sturdy base fabric 


      • Quick, hassle-free installation
      • Ideal usage for waves and any water bodies
      • Minimal labor involved
      • Facilitates faster demarcation and collection of trash & debris
      • Capable to withstand with all-weather condition
      • Most economical option for effective debris control
      • Easy and efficient isolation of plastic debris and invasive plant growth
      • Connectors available for making length
      • Eco-friendly and reusable hence cost-effective
      • Very low maintenance
      • Durable and easy to repair
      • Able to prevent the migration of debris & stop recreation


      • Dabris control
      • Public safety
      • Security control
      • Flood control
      • Control Choking Debris
      • Pollution control