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    Permanent Boom

      Permanent Floating Trash Boom | Floating Spill Control Booms 


      Permanent Spill Control Debris Trash Booms Manufacturer in India


      Permanent Boom that is also called Permanent Spill Control Trash Booms is the perfect usage when you need 24-hour protection facilities in marine barriers. These debris booms are the most durable, UV resistant, tear-resistant, heavy-duty, solid floating, and permanent installations to block floating trash and debris on the water bodies. They are specially designed to withstand all weather conditions to stay long-term in nature and provide an around-the-clock trash barrier at harbors, water outlets, etc. 

      Permanent Fence booms are manufactured with high-tensile, belting top fabric and durable polyethylene floats. The floats are made from solid molded, closed-cell polyethylene foam. The trash booms have marine growth inhibitors and are UV resistant. The booms are also equipped with GEOGRID netting attached to galvanized steel ballast weights to keep booms upright and prevent them from being run under by strong currents. Each section of the booms is connected to each other by ASTM Universal Slides. 

      A permanent trash boom is recommended in those areas that are hard to boom or clean up. These fence booms are additional containment that is able to meet your spill contingency requirements. 

      Material specification: High-tensile PVC fabric, Durable polyethylene floats, Polyethylene foam, GEOGRID net, Galvanized steel ballast


      • Easy & hassle-free installation
      • No Inflation needed
      • Ideal usage for 24x7 service
      • Durable & repairable
      • Optimum buoyancy
      • Very effective for debris control and spill contingency
      • ECO friendly hence cost effective
      • Able to withstand in all-weather -40ºC to +90ºC
      • Very low maintenance
      • Constructed from tensile, flexible fabric


      • Dabris control
      • Public safety
      • Security control
      • Flood control
      • Control Choking Debris
      • Pollution control