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    Fence Boom

      Fence Boom | Oil Containment Fence Boom | Oil Spill Boom


      Oil Containment Fence Booms Manufacturer & Suppliers in India


      Fence Boom that is also called layflat Oil Boom is the most common usage for oil spill response in an emergency situation also. This is a non-absorbent, compact, solid, and lightweight fence like structure. The best usage of floating-fence harbor oil containment boom is applicable in dockside areas or calm water like harbors, rivers, or ponds. Our flat-shaped closed cell with foam buoyancy optimized with the latest mechanism, technique, and variety of dimensions can provide the best deployment and storage at harbors sites.

      The foam filled fence booms are made of PU/PVC coated highly robust polyurethane polyester fabric providing high strength, UV resistance, extra-long life, and easy-to-clean surfaces, providing them a long life. 

      The 100% retractable memory of the foam material of the boom results in ultimate buoyancy, 2-inch thermal welds, or 1-inch radio-frequency (RF) for strength and durability. Extra heavy hinge point ballast enclosed by galvanized chain to keep it corrosion free, and each section is joined with ASTM-Z connector

      Oil Fence Containment Boom is recommended especially for emergency response in shallow water and for easy deployment. 100% retractable memory of Polyethylene foam gives it ultimate durability and tensile strength.

      Material specification:

      Our Floating Fence Boom designed for long life that it can withstand to extreme weather conditions. The following are materials used for Booms:

      • Heavy PVC
      • Urethane
      • Neoprene
      • Hypalon-coated Neoprene
      • Polyethylene foam
      • High-tensile-strength aluminum connectors
      • hot-dip galvanized cables and ballast chains


      • Made of high graded PVC/PU fabric (offshore)
      • Positive buoyancy at all times
      • Relief valves for air inflated booms
      • ASTM connectors and the galvanized ballast chain are corrosion resistant
      • Smooth fabric, easy to clean
      • Optimize storage
      • Excellent oil retention technology
      • Minimal maintenance
      • quick and easy deployment
      • Tidal compensators


      • Silt
      • shorelines
      • Ports
      • Pond
      • Oils
      • Debris
      • Rivers
      • Protect the environment & recovery

      Technical specification

      Model  Overall height  Float freeboard  Skirt draft  Total tensile strength 
      AGFB-18  18(45.7)  6(15.2)  12(30.5)  7600(12701) 
      AGFB-24  24 (61.0)  8 (20.3)  16 (40.6)  7,600 (3,447) 
      AGFB- 30  30 (76.2)  12 (30.5)  18 (45.7)  14,400 (6,532) 
      AGFB-36  36 (91.4)  12 (30.5)  24 (60.9)  14,400 (6,532)