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    Permanent Oil Boom

    permanent oil boom

      Permanent Oil Boom | Oil Spill Control Booms | Oil Containment Boom


      Permanent Oil Containment Booms Manufacturer in India


      Permanent Oil Boom that is also called Permanent Spill Control Booms is the perfect usage when you need 24-hour protection facilities in marine barriers. Our permanent oil booms are heavy-duty booms designed for superior strength and all-weather conditions, including rough seas. These booms are usually deployed where oil spills are frequent and need a more durable containment solution. These oil booms in India contain HDPE foam-filled shells, giving them a high buoyancy-to-weight ratio. 

      The permanent oil containment booms are made from a superior UV-resistant PU/PVC coated fabric and are very easy to maintain. This fabric is highly tear-resistant, inert to numerous chemicals, and possesses excellent tensile strength.  They use ASTM connectors for extending the overall length.

      Permanent booms are recommended in those areas that are hard to boom or clean up. These oil control trash booms are additional containment that is able to meet your spill contingency requirements.

      Material specification:

      Our Permanent Boom is designed for a long life that it can withstand extreme weather conditions. The following are materials used for Booms:

      • Sigma 24 & Sigma 36
      • Heavy PVC/PU
      • Urethane
      • Neoprene
      • Polyester belting
      • foam-filled shells


      • Highly durable, strong and flexible construction
      • Foam filled shells for buoyancy
      • Quick deployment
      • Easy & hassle-free installation
      • Low or less maintenance
      • Replaceable floats
      • Effective for debris control and spill contingency
      • Appreciable resistance to impact
      • Good oil retention properties
      • Perfect usage for 24x7 service


      • Silt
      • Pack ice
      • Shorelines
      • Power-plants
      • Ports
      • Refineries
      • Oils
      • Flotsam
      • Debris

      Technical Specification

      Product Code         
      Height (mm)  500  600  750  900 
      Free-board(mm)  200  250  300  350 
      Draught(mm)  300  350  450  550 
      Section Length(mm)  25/50       
      Weight(kg/m)  2.3  3.4  4  4.3 
      Tensile strength(kg)  3700 
      Floats  Foam Filled Chambers with HDPE floats 
      Fabric  PVC/PU available 
      Connectors  Aluminum ASTM F-2438 Universal and F-962 Z Connectors