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    Collapsible Flood Barrier

      Collapsible Flood Barrier | Temporarily & Removable Flood Barriers


      Best Quality Collapsible Flood Control Barrier Manufacturers in India


      A Collapsible Flood Barrier is a special type of self-rising, self-supporting floodgate where water fights with water. These flood barriers can be the easiest option for anyone who is looking for a temporary and almost ready-to-use solution to flood and water damage.

      In ancient days humans used to make barriers with sandbags. We are the leading Flood Barrier Manufacturers in India and Removable / Temporarily Flood control barriers in India which will not flush away by strong waves. This is made of water only. Here we use water to fight the water. 100 meters of barrier system can be installed in 1 hour only with very less manpower as the weight of the product is very less. This is more reliable, sustainable, and available in different sizes and capacities. These temporary flood defenses are very pocket friendly and completely reusable.

      These flood control portable barriers are perfect usage for in rural or any flood site quickly, or for any emergency situations. No need to mention that these flood defense barriers are really essential to use for all the homeowners, industry owners as well as the local government who is looking for a pocket-friendly easy situation for flood and water damage issues.

      Fabric specification: PVC, PES/PES, dtex high tenacity, Composite PVC mesh

      Available accessories specification: 2 Pieces of Rope, 6 Staking nails, 1 Velcro tube Connector Sheet, 2 Puncture Repair Patches, 1 Transport Bag


      • Reduces the physical, financial, and emotional strains that accompany flood events
      • Easy to handle and deploy in 5 mins
      • Less time and man power required(a 100 meters flood defenses in an hour with 4 people)
      • Easy set up and packing
      • Barrier can be extended as much required
      • Suitable for all weather condition
      • UV resistant and flexible
      • Chemical and oil resistant
      • Reduce transportation cost almost 5x times
      • Completely Reusable
      • Perfect usage for rural, emergency or sensitive structure


      • Dam
      • Protect from water in emergency
      • Industrial usage
      • Protection from flood
      • Social usage

      Technical Specifications

      Coupling with Zipper

      Collapsible barrier’s sections are connected using a watertight combination of zipper and Velcro flap.


      Ground Anchors 

      With this ground anchor collapsible flood barrier can work properly on any surface. Each segment of flood barrier is a kit of tunnel with all the accessories.


      Calculation with FEM analysis simultation with 1700 N