Portable Flexible Biogas Storage Balloons manufactured in India | Manufacturer of Membrane Biogas Balloons
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    Portable Flexible Biogas Digester Cum Storage Tank

      Portable Flexible Biogas Balloons | Digester Storage Biogas Tank | Biogas Balloon


      Portable Flexible Biogas Balloon Manufacturer in India


      This Portable flexible biogas digester balloon combines a digester and a gas holder in a heat-sealed balloon. The gas is housed in the balloon’s upper section. Valves for the inlet and outlet are attached to the balloon and it also has a relief valve to release excess pressure preventing the balloon from rupturing. We manufacture portable biogas balloons in India from Kolkata. 


      • Top quality PVC coated polyester fabric
      • 100% leak-proof
      • UV stabilised
      • High Tensile strength


      • For Industrial and rural sites