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    Biofloc/RAS Tank

      Biofloc Tank | RAS Tank | PVC Biofloc Tanks


      Best Quality Biofloc / RAS Tanks Manufacturers & Suppliers in India


      Biofloc Tank / RAS Tank is an important part of the RECIRCULATORY AQUACULTURE SYSTEM where the water can be recycled and reused for intensive high-density fish culture. It needs some mechanical and biological filtration only that can remove the harmful material.

      If your land is minimal and the water supply is low this method is really good to use for aquaculture. By this method, we reject the traditional version of fish farming and grow fish in open ponds in raceways or Biofloc tanks. This method is applicable both indoors and outdoors in a protective environment for all seasons of the year.

      PVC Biofloc Tanks or RAS tanks are made of the best quality and superior virgin material PVC tarpaulin. In Agastya Invention manufactured Biofloc & RAS tanks in India, which are from food-grade, non-migratory 650 GSM Polymer welded with 3D technology using a Swiss Seamtek machine.

      As these tanks have only one welded joint, 6mm thick ropes, and brass eyelets these are very durable and able to withstand very high-water pressure. Installing a 500 micron HDPE tank liner is add-on protection to the storage.

      All tanks are totally customizable as per customer requirements from 2 meters dia to 10-meter dia.

      Material specification:

      • Available in 550/650/750/850/1050 GSM
      • Sizes: 4000-10000L capacity, Customizable as per requirement
      • Color: Blue
      • Warranty: Up to 5 years


      • Made of HDPE
      • UV resistant
      • Virgin polymer
      • Eco friendly
      • Able to absorb moisture and protect metals
      • Supports Large and Small Capacities
      • Easy setup&maintenance
      • Suitable for all weather condition(ranging between -30C and +70C recommended)
      • Prevents bacteria and mold growth
      • Replaceable inner liner available
      • Weatherproof & waterproof
      • Corrosion resistant and flexible
      • Can be customized according to your requirement
      • Reduce the environmental damage probability
      • Applicable form Potable water to hydrocarbons


      • Water storage
      • Chemical storage
      • Biofloc tank and aquaculture
      • Secondary containment

      Material specification:

      Available in: 550/650/750/850/1050 GSM Sizes: 4000-10000L capacity, Customizable as per requirement Color: Blue Warranty: upto 5 years Durability: upto 10 years As per BIS 2508-2016 standard