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    Inflatable Flood Barrier

      Inflatable Flood Barrier | Flood Control Barriers | Flood Barrier Manufacturers in India


      Leading Inflatable Flood Barrier Manufacturer & Suppliers in India


      An Inflatable Flood Barrier (also called a surge barrier or storm surge barrier), a special type of floodgate is the quickest solution to provide protection from floods. These flood control barriers are inflatable flood control systems that can deploy very urgently and are able to provide protection to a flood-affected area up to 3 ft.

      In ancient days humans used to make barriers with sandbags. We manufacture inflatable flood barriers in India which are made of water. Here we use water to fight the water. This is more reliable, sustainable reusable, and available in different sizes and capacities.

      This flood control system is so modular and customized that it can be placed on any sensitive structure or property. It can easily be able to protect their flood water damage.

      Each barrier tube contains a valve that allows the inflation of each individual tube in less than 5 minutes. Each section is almost 30 feet long and can be placed and fastened side by side to create a contiguous flood barrier. These can be recycled. Once the flood is over, it can be deflated, rolled up, and put back in storage for future use. 

      These portable barriers are perfect usage for in rural or any flood site quickly, or for any emergency situations. 

      Fabric specification: PVC, PES/PES, dtex high tenacity, Composite PVC mesh

      Available accessories specification: 2 pieces of rope, 6 Staking nails, 1 Velcro tube connector sheet, 2 puncture repair patches, 1 Transport bag


      • Reduces the physical, financial, and emotional strains that accompany flood events
      • Easy to handle and deploy in 5 mins
      • Less time and man power required
      • Easy set up and packing
      • Able to provide protection upto 3ft of water level
      • Suitable for all weather condition
      • Perfect usage for Rural, emergency or sensitive structure
      • Completely Reusable
      • Reduce transportation cost almost 5x times
      • chemical and oil resistant
      • UV resistant and flexible


      • Dam
      • Protect from water in emergency
      • Industrial usage
      • Social usage
      • Protection from flood

      Technical Specifications

      Dimensions & Weights  

      FB1 – Inflatable Flood Barrier – Small: 

      Main Tube: 15ft Long x 39.5” Diameter  

      Skirt (extends from tube on water side): 6.5ft L x 15ft 

      Weight: 60 lbs +/- 5% 

      FB2 – Inflatable Flood Barrier – Large: 

      Main Tube: 30ft Long x 39.5” Diameter 

      Skirt (extends from tube on water side): 30ft Long x 6.5ft Wide 

      Weight: 115 lbs +/- 5% 



      To prevent water level of more height we have stack up the tubes. Here is the specification: 

      Inflatable Flood Barrier Specification 
      Filled Size  42”x 50ft 
      Fold lengths, Sleeve length  8’ Folds, 16’ Sleeves 
      Rolled-up/Storage  Dimensions (including 2 sleeves)  14” x 92” 
      Single Dry Weight  302 lbs. 
      Single Filled Weight  56,000 lbs. 
      Fill Time using Standard Fire Hydrant  50 min. 
      How many Gallons in each Dam  7,200 gal. 
      How many sandbags each replaces  15,000