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    Wrestling Mats

      Wrestling Mats | PVC Coated Rubber Nitrile Foam Mats


      PVC Coated Wrestling Mats Manufacturers & Suppliers in India


      The traditional wrestling ring looks like a boxing ring. It is also called a “squared circle“. In the ring, a piece of the thick mat is used generally on which the game used to be conducted to provide protection to the players. The usage of wrestling mats is ancient but by the time it has grown their quality is a lot. Nowadays improved health technology, proper research and data help our equipment and the care needed to maintain the equipment is a necessary part of injury prevention in any sport.

      The mat is made of PVC Rubber Nitrile foam or Cross-Linked Polyethylene foam. The Wrestling Mat we offer is also excellent for a small room or garage or even the backyard also. To us, the Mat can be customized by your specific requirements for the wrestling clubs or school. The specific manufacturing features make it flexible for an intense workout but easy to set up and remove.

      Lightweight mats are easier to set up, break down and store. Our extra thick custom-designed mats are able to hold up over time. Moreover, they have force reduction technology that provides extra support for throws and slams. An 8×8 ft mat is great for wrestling.

      Fabric specification: Extra thick woven PVC, PES/PES, dtex high tenacity polyamide, PVC Rubber Nitrile foam, or Cross-Linked Polyethylene foam.


      • Made of premium PVC woven fabric
      • Durable and strong
      • Eco friendly
      • Easy to clean
      • Less storage space when not in use
      • Heat seal
      • Long lasting and leakage proof
      • Mobile and compact
      • High frequency heat sealing process
      • Customizable sizes and shapes


      • World class wrestling ring
      • High school and college wrestling programs
      • Text BoxTo train hard and safe

      Technical Specifications

      Feature  Resilite 
      Classic mats  Yes 
      Lightweight mats  Yes 
      Protective wall padding panels  Yes 
      Continuous permanent wall padding  Yes 
      Logos, lettering & graphics  Yes 
      Customized protective padding for doors, beams & obstructions  Yes 
      Barrier pads & crash mats  Yes 
      Weight room flooring  Yes 
      Full color-matching throughout room  Yes