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    Tank Liner

      HDPE / PVC Tank Liner | 500 Micron Tank Liners 


      PVC / HDPE Tanks Liners Manufacturers in India


      PVC Tank Liners is made to provide more protection and long life to the tank. It is installed to protect the tank and reduce the risk factors to the environment. Liners are able to give a corrosion-free new surface to the inner part of the tank that extends its life and durability for some more couple of years. These PVC tank liners are usable for any containment area, tank, and custom-made water, liquid or chemical storage.

      Moreover, extending the life of the tank helps to keep the liquid contamination-free and keep the storage leakproof. Generally, the liners are made of Eco-friendly HDPE, UV resistant, and tear-proof virgin polymer. As the liners are made from high-stressed crack-resistant material this is able to withstand all weather and harsh condition and provide the ultimate protection for the storage. Having all these properties these are very lightweight yet very tough

      Fabric specification: PVC, PES/PES, dtex high tenacity polyamide for oil, chemical, and large water storage

      Material specification: Thickness: 500 microns, Sizes: As per requirement, Color: Black, as per BIS 2508-2016 standard


      • Made of HDPE
      • UV resistant
      • Virgin polymer
      • Eco friendly
      • Able to absorb moisture and protect metals
      • Supports Large and Small Capacities
      • Easy setup&maintenance
      • Suitable for all weather condition(ranging between -30C and +70C recommended)
      • Prevents bacteria and mold growth
      • Enhance the lifetime of the tank almost 3X times
      • Replaceable inner liner available
      • Weatherproof& waterproof
      • Corrosion resistant and flexible
      • Can be customized according to your requirement
      • Reduce the environmental damage probability
      • Applicable form Potable water to hydrocarbons


      • Fuel Storage
      • Water storage
      • Chemical storage
      • Biofloc tank and aquaculture
      • Plating tank
      • Secondary containment
      • Clarifier tanks