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    Heavy Duty Dam Boom

      Heavy Duty Containment Boom | Floating Debris Boom


      Heavy Duty Floating Debris Trash Booms Manufacturers in India


      Heavy Duty Dam Boom is also called debris boom as these are heavy-duty containment boom for collecting surface debris and submerged trash, litter, natural debris, and large floating objects in rivers, reservoirs, oceans, and lakes. Once the floating debris boom is installed, it starts to control all the floatable objects in marine environments. It creates a barrier that pollutants and aquatic plants such as oil, debris, seaweed, hyacinth, timber, leaves, trash, and plastic rubbish can’t pass. Using dam booms is recommended to reduce the possibility of polluting shorelines and other resources, and to help make recovery easier. 

      Heavy Duty Dam Trash Booms are 0.4 meters or 18 inches larger in diameter. For optimal surface debris capture and visibility, float designs are used. The floats are coupled with rugged log connection hardware with a 4.75-ton working load limit (WLL). The heavy-duty floating dam booms are capable to carry off 60,000 lb / 27,216 kg. The system is capable to allow full adjustment to changing water levels and maintain ultimate buoyancy. 

      Fabric specification: PVC, PES/PES, dtex high tenacity polyamide polystyrene foam, HDPE outer shell, Molded plastic 

      Available accessories specification: Galvanized and Stainless steel mesh panels, Fabric net/mesh, and Custom-designed debris screens are also available in 10 ft and 20 ft lengths, Repair kit, etc. 


      • Closed & Corrosion-resistant shell
      • Double wall HDPE
      • Complete UV-protection
      • Capable to withstand with all-weather condition
      • Most economical option for effective debris control
      • Durable Aluminium signage
      • High load steel beam
      • 60000 lb / 27000kg+ strength
      • Able to prevent the migration of debris & stop recreation


      • Dabris control
      • Public safety
      • Aqua weed control
      • Security control
      • Fish guidance
      • Dam signage
      • Ice booms
      • Warning sign

      Technical Specifications

      Model   10 Feet Dam Boom  20 Feet Dam Boom 
      Flotation Log  High density, double-walled, UV resistant HDPE with internal closed cell foam  High density, double-walled, UV resistant HDPE with internal closed cell foam 
      Flotation Diameter  18 inch / 0.4 m   18 inch / 0.4 m 
      Ballast  Internal galvanized steel beam  Internal galvanized steel beam 
      Colors  Black (other colors available with minimum order)  Black (other colors available with minimum order) 
      Weight  165 lb / 75 kg – w/screen 255 lb /116 kg  270 lb / 122 kg – w/screen 420 lb / 204 kg 
      Length  136 inch / 3.45 m  234 inch / 5.94 m  
      Buoyancy  897 lb / 409 kg  1655 lb / 755 kg 
      Draft  2 inches / 5 cm  2 inches / 5 cm  
      Working Load Limit  4.75 ton  4.75 ton 
      Lifting Eyes  N/A  Two per 20 ft section