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    Onion Tank

      Onion Tank | Pumpkin Tank | Water Storage Tanks


      Onion Water Storage Tanks Manufacturer & Supplier in India


      Onion tank (also called a Pumpkin tank), a type of open-top flexi tank is a self-rising, self-supporting circular (Onion/ Pumpkin) shaped reservoirs/bladders/collapsible tank that can be the easiest solution for the temporary storage of the bulk amount of liquids, oil, water, recovered crude oil, jet fuel, firefighting foam, sewage, and other contaminants. These self supporting flexible tanks are made of premium quality of highly strong, elastic, heat& UV resistant, heavy-duty food-grade reinforced PVC fabrics that ensure any weather situation usage along with less transportation and labor cost.

      This onion water storage tank is very easy to install and usable in any emergency situation like fire-fighting/oil spill response as well as in remote sites, military, mining, or relief-seeking site, etc. These onion mobile tanks are self-rising as the tank fills at site emergency, no other structure is needed, and collapses automatically when the tank is empty. The full setup comes with a top cover to prevent evaporation and contamination.

      Fabric specification: PVC, PES/PES, dtex high tenacity polyamide for oil and large water storage

      Available accessories specification: Groundsheets, Bed liners, UV covers, thermal blankets, heating pads, inflatable secondary containment, fluid pumping systems, hoses, ball valves, webbing harness securing systems (used on truck/boat mountable pillow tanks), repair kit, etc.


      • Rapid response
      • Self Rising Foam Collar - No Inflation Required
      • No man power required for installation in a min
      • Easy set up, maintenance, clean and packing
      • Replaceable inner liner available
      • Deployment anywhere with minimal preparation(area of a level ground recommended)
      • All capacity variants are available(5,000 to 30,000 litres)


      • Fuel Storage
      • Fire fighting
      • Industrial waste
      • Fertilizer
      • Technical water
      • Drinking water
      • Gray Water Storage
      • Water treatment plat
      • Disaster Relief
      • Hydraulic Fracturing “Fracking”
      • HAZMAT Operations
      • Forestry Service
      • Chemical Storage
      • Spill Response
      • Military Operations etc

      Technical specification for Instant use open top tanks:









      Height when full  Groundsheet 


      OT3  3,000  2.30m  1.50m  1.00m  3.30m 
      OT5  5,000  2.40m  2.00m  1.20m  3.40m 
      OT10  10,000  3.50m  2.50m  1.50m  4.50m 
      OT15  15,000  4.00m  3.00m  1.50m  5.00m 
      OT20  20,000  4.75m  3.75m  1.50m  5.75m 
      OT30  30,000  5.50m  4.50m  1.50m  6.50m