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    Double Membrane Digestor Mounted Balloons

      Double Membrane Biogas Balloons | Tank Mounted Digestor Balloons | Biogas Storage Balloon


      Double Membrane Biogas Storage Balloons Manufacturer in India


      As the name suggests, Double Membrane Digestor Mounted Balloons or these Biogas Holders are installed on top of permanent structures- steel or concrete tanks, at Biogas Plants. Tank-mounted gas holders consist of two membranes- the outer membrane helps to maintain the shape of the gas holder while the inner membrane keeps the fermentation chamber tightly sealed to prevent any gas leak. Both membranes are anchored to the outer wall along the brim of the steel or concrete tanks.

      The air blower installed in the gap between the two membranes generates a continuous pressure on both membranes. This air pressure helps to hold the shape of the outer membrane and the pressure on the inner membrane facilitates the easy flow of air from the fermentation chamber into the processing system.

      Agastya Invention with its innovative technology manufactures and supplies best-in-class Tank Mounted Gas Holders, manufactured from premium grade PVC-coated polyethylene fabric. Tank-mounted gas holders are available in various geometric shapes as well as the most commonly used 1/4th sphere or hemispherical shape.  





      • Top quality PVC coated polyester fabric
      • 100% leak-proof
      • Double membrane
      • UV stabilised
      • High Tensile strength


      • Industrial Fuel
      • Power generation