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    Truck Mountable Tank

      Truck Mountable Tanks | Boat Mountable Flexi Tanks


      Truck / Boat Mountable Flexi Tanks Manufacturers & Suppliers in India


      Truck mountable tank (also called boat mountable tanks) is generally pillow-shaped. So, it’s popular by the name “Truck Mountable Pillow Tanks “also. This is a type of Flexi tank with a very low profile for its stability purpose that it can be mounted on flatbed trucks or boats easily.

      These portable storage tanks are made of premium quality highly strong, elastic, and heat-resistant fabrics that ensure the storage and transportation of any kind of fuel, water (drinking & waste), fertilizer, petroleum, chemical, and a wide variety of liquids.

      By fixing Mountable Pillow Tanks to the standard truck or boat they become a tanker very easily and are ready to use at any remote construction, military, mining, or relief-seeking site. These pillow tanks are customized as the vehicle required and able to carry a volume range from 250 to 20,000 US gallons. All fittings are high-quality metal (steel or aluminum), cam-lock type fills and discharge hose in customizable size and standard spark arrestors resent.



      • Customized for truck, vehicle, suit or boat size
      • By fixing this a standard vehicle can become a tanker
      • Welded handles made the set up easy
      • All capacity variants are available(1000 – 100000L capacity)
      • Truck tank hold harness made of 3″- 5″ Certified reinforced webbing is included
      • Filling and offloading systems supplied.
      • Applicable form Potable water to hydrocarbons
      • Suitable for all weather condition


      • Truck / Boat Portable Tank
      • Fuel Storage
      • Fire fighting
      • Industrial waste
      • Fertilizer
      • Technical water
      • Drinking water
      • Remediation Project
      • Water treatment plat
      • Disaster Relief
      • Sewage Transport
      • Farming
      • Beverage Distribution
      • HAZMAT Operations
      • Forestry Service
      • Chemical Storage
      • Spill Response
      • Residential Temp. Fluid Storage etc.

      Technical Specifications

      Fabric specification: PVC, PES/PES, dtex high tenacity polyamide  for oil and large water storage Available accessories specification: Ground sheets, UV covers, thermal blankets, heating pads, bed liners, inflatable secondary containment , fluid pumping systems , hoses, ball valves, webbing harness securing systems, repair kit, etc