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    Eco Boom

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      Leading Manufacturer of Floating Trash Eco Booms in India


      Eco Boom is also called Floating Barrier and they are used to keep the bay healthy. It controls all the floatable objects which come through the waterways to enter marine environments. This eco booms barrier helps to capture pollutants, debris, and litter before they flow into the main water body. Using Eco booms is recommended to reduce the possibility of polluting shorelines and other resources, and to help make recovery easier. The net fixed with the boom is safe for wildlife and does not stop the water flow. 

      Floating Eco Booms are designed exclusively that can operate successfully in fast-moving, rapidly fluctuating waters while it is able to capture massive amounts of debris. This floating debris barrier can be used on both a temporary and permanent basis. It is able to catch 125-300 pounds of trash in a month from ever getting close to the ocean. 

      The floating trash booms with nets are designed so that it’s very easy to handle and clean up. You can be unhooked on one side, moved to land for cleaning, and for the whole job you do not need to touch the water. 

      Fabric specification: PVC/PES, dtex high tenacity polyamide polystyrene foam, HDPE outer shell, molded plastic 

      Available accessories specification: Galvanized and Stainless steel mesh panels, Fabric net/mesh, and Custom-designed debris screens are also available in 10 ft and 20 ft lengths, Repair kit, etc. 


      • Closed & Corrosion-resistant shell
      • Double wall HDPE
      • Complete UV-protection
      • Capable to withstand with all-weather condition
      • Most economical option for effective debris control
      • Durable Aluminium signage
      • High load steel beam
      • 60000 lb / 27000kg+ strength
      • Able to prevent the migration of debris & stop recreation


      • Dabris control
      • Public safety
      • Aqua weed control
      • Security control
      • Environment control
      • Clean bay control
      • Water animal protection