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    Double Membrane Standalone Balloons

      Double Membrane Biogas Storage Balloons | Standalone Biogas Balloon | Double Membrane Gas Storage Tank


      Double Membrane Commercial Biogas Balloon Manufacturer in India


      Double Membrane Standalone Biogas Balloon is one of the most prominent and premium products of Agastya. We are an eminent biogas storage balloons manufacture in India who makes balloons with the renowned PVC – Coated Fabric and a state-of-art technic that provides an efficient biogas storage tank. The 3/4th hemispheric design is the most common and traditionally used storage solution for high-pressure gas storage double membrane biogas holder balloons. We are the leading manufacturer & supplier of double membrane biogas storage balloons in India. This storage is highly appreciated as a commercial biogas balloon and customized need-based solution available with a capacity from 100m3 to 5000m3.

      It has a double membrane design – the outer membrane gives shape to the biogas holder while the Inner and Floor Membrane forms the actual storage space for biogas. A continuous flow of slightly over-pressured air is supplied to the space between the inner and outer membranes – via an air blower. This air helps to maintain the shape of the gas holder balloon as well as to withstand the pressure of external weather agents like wind, rain, etc. We also introduced Free Standing Double Membrane Gas Holder. 


      • Top quality PVC coated polyester fabric
      • 100% leak-proof
      • Double membrane
      • UV stabilised
      • High Tensile strength


      • Cooking gas generation
      • CNG gas generation
      • Power generation