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    Inflatable Swimming Pool

      Portable Outdoor Inflatable Swimming pools for Kids

      Outdoor Portable Artificial Inflatable Swimming Pools Manufacturer in India

      Do you like to play in the water with your beloved ones on hot summer days? An inflatable swimming pool is the best option. This is such a portable, easy-to-use, and light weighted pool that can be installed and used anywhere. This inflatable swimming pool is a very good substitute for a real swimming pool which can be used in open spaces. Kids love to play in the water of artificial swimming pool.

      They don’t get bored even for a whole day. Such pools are perfect for up to 3 kids to grown-up groups even bubble rides, kids pedal boats, or water rollers. It can be placed in open spaces like a backyard, gardens, and terrace, inflated with air and filled with water. Built with high-grade UV-resistant PU/PVC fabric, it comes in customizable sizes with respect to its depth, length, and breadth.

      It is the most durable solution for outdoor fun activities. When not in use, it can be drained, dried, folded neatly, and stored in very little space. All you need to install it is an air pump. The shape of the pool can also be customized as per the user’s choice. These don’t need much space in the home really and can be stored in a compact space easily.

      Fabric specification: PVC, PES/PES, dtex high tenacity polyamide 


      • Durable
      • Anytime/anywhere fun activities
      • Fulfill the pond or lake requirement
      • Less storage space when not in use
      • Customizable sizes and shapes
      • Easy to repair and maintain
      • Welded handles
      • Heat seal
      • Tough joint
      • Long lasting and leakage proof
      • Mobile and compact


      • Fun Activities
      • Portable swimming pool
      • Can be used by kids/adults

      Technical Specifications

      Name  Details 
      Material  Plato poly vinyl chloride 
      Thickness  1.2 MM 
      Temperature  400 to 750  
      Pump  Air Pump380 Watts 
      Technology  Hot air welding, Miller weldmaster GERMANY 
      Available Size  16ft, 20ft, 25ft, 30ft, 35ft (SQUARE) 
      Area Required 
      • 16ft X 16ft 
      • 20ft X 20ft 
      • 25ft X 25ft 
      • 30ft X 30ft 
      • 35ft X 35ft 
      Inside playing Area 
      • 14ft X 14ft 
      • 18ft X 18ft 
      • 23ft X 23ft 
      • 28ft X 28ft 
      • 33ft X 33ft 
      Water Capacity 
      • 7135 ltrs (16X16 ft) 
      • 12685 ltrs (20X20 ft) 
      • 21832 ltrs (25X25 ft) 
      • 33490 ltrs (30X30 ft) 
      • 47600 ltrs (35X35 ft) 
      Depth  2 feet 
      Colors  Grey, Blue, Orange 
      Warranty  Manufacturing defect warranty for 1 year *.