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    Trash Socks

      Trash Socks | Drainage Nets | Trash Tarps | Drainage Sock


      Manufacturer of Trash Socks / Drainage Socks to Stop Debris from Running Water


      Trash Socks are also called Drainage nets or trash traps. These drainage socks are high-quality plastic mesh designed to meet the demanding requirements of the geotechnical market including Landfill sites. Once the trash Socks are installed, it starts to stop debris and pollutants from running water and prevents garbage transported by rainwater that contaminates the town water reservoirs.

      This sock-like net can be fixed with a variant structure or device over the storm water outlet system to collect debris before it flows through the waterway. It minimizes pollution and potential damage to wildlife and the residential environment effectively in various situations, i.e., fitted in beach, river, canal, and creek situations as a pollutant’s treatment. 

      The trash traps are very easily installed. No external structure is needed for the installation of these nets. To fix these socks a specific area should be identified first as “hotspots” within a catchment by negotiating the discharge. 

      The drain sock consists of a stainless-steel sleeve extension attached to a removable polyethylene net. Whenever the sock mesh is full of pollutants and garbage it can be replaced or cleared easily. During rainfall, it decreases the chance of debris choking that can be caused by the flood. 

      As the environment and climate are changing rapidly, we must check on the solution where this is the most efficient and cost-effective solution to the problem of storm water-borne pollutants. 

       Material specification: High-quality extruded plastic mesh, Stainless-steel sleeve 

      Available accessories specification: Galvanized and Stainless steel mesh panels, Fabric net/mesh and Custom-designed debris net, Repair kit, etc. 


      • High quality plastic mesh
      • Described as the "simple pollution solution",
      • Capable to withstand with all-weather condition
      • Most economical option for effective debris control
      • Able to prevent the migration of debris
      • Variable strength
      • High load steel beam
      • Able to catch solid pollutants such as plastic, paper and vegetation as well as small particles
      • Modular design to install in any drainage networks
      • Climate and environment control
      • Reduce the chance of flood in rainfall
      • Easily to install and replace
      • Durable Aluminium holder


      • Debris control
      • Public safety
      • Security control
      • Flood control
      • Control Choking Debris
      • Pollution control
      • Drainage network clearance

      Technical Specifications

      Model  OD (in)  Net Opening Dia. (in)*  Net Length (ft)*  Debris Retention Cap. (cu ft) 
      AG-NT18  16.5  0.5  6  3 
      AG-NT24  22.5  0.5  6  4 
      AG-NT30  28.5  0.5  6  5 
      AG-NT36  34.5  0.5  6  6