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    Beach Sealing Boom

      Beach Sealing Boom | Shore Sealing Oil Boom | Oil Containment Boom


      Beach Oil Containment Shore Sealing Booms in India


      Beach Sealing Boom that is also called Shore Sealing Boom is a special type of oil spill containment boom that is suitable for shallow water areas, beaches/coastal areas, and swamps to make a temporary shore sealing the land and water connection for oil spill response and environmental usage, especially at the time of high and low tide dealing time. 

      This heavy-duty Beach sealing oil boom is made of PVC/ PU polyurethane coated high tenacity fabric. This fabric is the cause of the durability and flexibility of the boom and helps to avoid tearing. Beach oil containment booms are easy to clean, and bright orange fabric is used for high visibility. 

       Each section consists of three inflatable chambers running along its length. The bottom two chambers are filled with water, and the top chamber is filled with air. When the boom starts to float in fluctuating tidal conditions, the water acts as a ballast. The air-filled chamber gives the buoyancy. When it comes in contact with the ground, the water chambers provide the required sealing. These oil booms are designed for a smooth transition between water and land, thereby effectively containing the spill in a shallow region. The different sections are connected with ASTM connectors.


      • Smooth and easy to clean surfaces
      • High visibility
      • Adjusts to different water levels
      • Easy to repair and maintain
      • High durability materials
      • Excellent oil retention


      • Marshy lands
      • Shallow waters
      • Beaches
      • Fast inflation valves

      Technical Specification:

      Product Specification  
      Height (mm)  400  560 
      Freeboard (mm)  150  230 
      Draft(mm)  250  330 
      Section Length (m)  10  10 
      Weight (kg/m)  2.3  3.4 
      Tensile Strength (kg)  3700  3700 
      Floats  Air and water filled chambers 
      Fabric  PU/PVC available 
      Connectors  Aluminum ASTM F-2438 Universal and F-962 Z Connectors 


      m  ft  cm  in  Kg.  lb.  Kg.  lb. 
      AG-B1  16  52.5  30.5  12  1026  2258  79  175 
      AG-B1  20  65.6  30.5  12  1256  2767  102  225